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KMKG Mixing, Mastering, Audio Production & Recording Studios is your one-stop shop for mixing and mastering high quality music at affordable prices. Our mission statement reflects this postulate. At KMKG studios we understand that quality music is an integral part of your careers'. It is our focus to provide you with the mixes and masters you need at an affordable price. Also, here at KMKG studios we provide services for Music Video Production for clients as well. To see music video production, click the KMKGV subpage under the MEDIA tab above.

Mission Statement:


KMKG Mixing, Mastering, and  Recording studios are devoted to the mission of artist and client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is about creating long-term relationships with a small number of loyal clients, giving each client the same amount of attention and dedication to their music. Our focus is high quality and high satisfaction to our clients. 

Songs Mixed By KMKG Studios


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